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Plant Protection Knowledge
Problem And Solution On Flight Control Protection

1、The flight path in GPS mode is offset. Please re-calibrate the magnetic compass.

The accelerometer need to be recalibrated  when the motor rotates at different speeds after starting up, or  there is a sign of rollover during taking off without arm unevenness.


2、When flying, the UAV suddenly rises and the rocker is not available. At this time, the UAV enters the auto-return flight mode. There are the following reasons for the auto-return flight:


1)、The receiver loses its signal, it may fly too far, the voltage of the remote controller is too low or the remote controller fails (at this time, the red light flashes fast).

2)、Low-voltage return flight, it may triggers low-voltage protection when the voltage is too low and reach the second alarm. If the low-voltage protection is set to return flight, the UAV carries out return flight (at this time the yellow light flashes).

3)、When the liquid level meter detects that the liquid level is too low, the red, yellow and green flight light flashes alternately, which indicate that the liquid is insufficient. If the protection of the broken drug is set to hover, the UAV will hover (at this time, the yellow lights flashes four times).

4)、Fence protection , when the flight altitude is greater than the height limit or the flight distance is greater than the distance limit, it will triggers the fence protection. If the fence protection is set to return, the UAV carries out the return flight (at this time, the green light flashes).

Note: When the UAV returns, it will rise to the preset altitude and then return. Please do not be nervous. Do not hit the rockers indiscriminately and keep all rockers in the middle.The return that is not caused by remote controller can be ended by switching mode switch. If the return is caused by non-controled  remote controller , during the return process, it will also need to switch mode switch fast to end the return , so the throttle stick must be  put in the middle when returning, otherwise the UAV may rise or fall rapidly, which may cause a crash in serious cases.

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