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Plant Protection Knowledge
The advantage of plant protection drone

1.wide applications: The agricultual drone is flexible to operation, and is not affected by topography and crop characteristics. The plant protection drone is not affected by topography. At the same time, for some crops such as corn which are not convenient for ground machinery to operate, the drone can also work. Therefore, plant protection drone can be widely used in rice, wheat, corn, soybean, fruit trees etc.


2.Efficiency: The efficiency of drone is higher than manual application. Sometimes there may be diseases in many areas in the field. The speed of manual application is slow, and the speed of drone is 100 times faster than that of manual application.


3. Reduce the dosage of agro-chemicals: agro-chemicals  are foggy when the plant protection drone sprays. The airflow generated by the rotor of the plant protection drone acts on the fog in crops. Compared with the dosage of traditional tools and the way of applying agro-chemicals, it can reduce the dosage of agro-chemicals and improve the utilization rate of agro-chemicals.


4. Reduce operator risk: Drone spraying only requires operator remote control operation, does not need to enter the field, so it can reduce the risk of agro-chemicals poisoning sprayer.



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